Sorority Ch. 07

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Legs Open

Chapter 7

Moving In

The flight from London came into JFK early that morning. From there Faith caught the connecting flight to New Boston. When she got in, she saw her new boyfriend Bobby waiting for her at the arrivals section. The stocky-but-well-built, curly-haired Bobby rushed to greet her, wrapping his arms around the large-breasted blonde girl.

“Bobby! You came to meet me!” she exclaimed in her sultry English accent.

“Of course, I’ve been thinking about you through the whole holidays,” he said as she kissed her long and hard, “So how was England?”

“It was nice. To be honest though, I actually missed the snow! We just got a bunch of rain out there. But it was good to be home again, even though I was dying to get back to you.”

After just meeting at the party right before Christmas break, having to suddenly be in another country proved to be rather difficult for Faith. She had a good feeling about this guy. He excited her more than anyone else since she started University. Bobby was all she could think about while she was gone.

“Well, you are back now,” Bobby said, “And we have the whole rest of the school year together.”

Faith smiled at him, thinking that even that didn’t seem long enough.

* * *

Dawson’s train pulled up to the station in the early afternoon. As she walked off the train she saw Alison waiting for her on the platform.

“Have a good holidays?” the buoyant blonde asked.

“I did actually,” Dawson answered as she walked down the platform with her roommate, “You seem… I don’t know. You look really happy or something.”

Alison simply shrugged, never once changing the smile on her face, “Just Christmas I guess.”

Jameson University was buzzing once again with the students returning from break. It was very much like the first day of school all over again. Dawson and Alison went back to their old dorm room.

“Well, this is it. Time to pack up and leave residence for good,” Alison said, as they were both moving into the Sigma house that day.

“Finally we get our own rooms. Space! Glorious space!” Dawson twirled around and giggled.

“Hey, so how did it go with Chris?” Alison inquired as they were both packing their things.

“Oh, well. I told him about the guy from the toga party. We’re through now.”

“I’m sorry babe,” Alison rubbed her shoulder.

“No no,” Dawson said, “It’s fine really. I think I wanted to break up with him. Now I’m free. Free to, I dunno, live the college life. Which reminds me, do you want to go out tonight? Pick up some random guys and bring them back here? I’ve been wanting to do that for a whole semester pretty much.”

Alison suddenly thought about Lana, but realized that she couldn’t tell Dawson or their secret would be out. “Oh, well, um, I don’t think so Daws. Sorry, I just, I dunno, not in the mood or something.”

“Oh, okay,” Dawson looked at her funny, “Well I’ll ask Anne then.”

“Yeah that would be good,” Alison said as she tried to quickly get off the subject, feeling bad for hiding her new relationship from her best friend.

* * *

Back at the Sigma house the girls were all reuniting after the Christmas break, hugging each other and hauling their suitcases back in to their rooms. Everyone was quick to show off their new clothes which they had acquired from under their Christmas trees that year.

Not too much later that afternoon, the three first-year sorority sisters arrived bringing all of their stuff from the dorms. Today was the day they were finally able to move into the sorority house.

The Sigma Delta house was a large house: three stories high with lots of room on each floor. The first floor had the foyer with the stairway leading to the other floors, the living room to the left of it and a small den to the right. Behind the living room was the large kitchen, and in the far right corner was a bedroom which was not being used, and was turned into a study and guest room, usually where drunken partiers would crash.

The second floor had six bedrooms, three on one side, three on the other, and a bathroom at the end. On the side opposite the stairway there were three bedrooms: Lana’s was on the far left end, Eileen’s beside hers and an empty room on the right end. On the opposing side of the hallway had Faith’s room across from Lana’s, an empty room across from Eileen’s, and another empty room to the right of the staircase, with the bathroom beside it at the end of the hall.

The third floor was very similar to the second, only that the head girl’s room, Brandi’s, took up enough space for two bedrooms. It was located on the right side of the hall opposite the stairs. Across from the stairway was Nikki’s room with the bathroom on the right end of the hall. On the stairway’s side of the hall was Raven’s room to the left, an empty room to the right and Kate’s room on the far right.

“Well girls, welcome!” Brandi said as Dawson, Alison and Anne walked in with their bags, “You are now officially residents of the Sigma pendik escort Delta house! Come, I’ll show you your rooms.”

Brandi led them upstairs to the empty room across from the staircase beside Eileen’s room. “Alison, this one here is yours. Dawson, you get the one over there beside Faith’s room. Anne, upstairs.”

As Dawson and Alison took their bags to their new rooms, Brandi led the shy Anne up to the third floor.

“You can have the empty room here beside Raven’s.”

“Okay, great,” Anne answered meekly as she entered her new room and looked around. There was a desk and dresser already set up for her and a bed beside the window, but otherwise the walls were bare, ready to take her artwork.

“We’re having wine to celebrate girls, so don’t take too long!” she heard Brandi call out as she went back down the stairs.

Anne began unpacking her clothes when Dawson knocked on her door and walked in.

“A little bigger than the dorms, hey?” Dawson began with some small talk.

“Slightly,” Anne smiled.

“Hey listen, do you want to come out with me tonight?” Dawson asked her pledge sister, “I was, well, kind of thinking about…”

Dawson tried to think of how to say what she wanted. She sat herself down on Anne’s bed and said, “Alright, I just broke up with my boyfriend over the holidays, and to tell you the truth I just really want to get laid. Thinking maybe you want to come out with me, just the two of us, and pick up some guys to bring back. You know, to sort of break in our new rooms.”

“I-uh-,” Anne didn’t really know what to say. She wasn’t in the mood for random sex, and Dawson didn’t know about her date rape incident a couple months back. But she did fuck that guy at the toga party, and it felt good. Maybe it would be good for her to do it again. Also, she always felt like she was the one girl in the sorority left out of things, and now Dawson was asking her to do this with her, she didn’t want to turn down the bonding opportunity.

“Sure, yeah, that would be cool,” she said.

“Great,” Dawson smiled her big, white smile, “About nine then?”


Dawson and Anne then went downstairs into the kitchen to join the other girls in a glass of celebratory wine. All of the Sigma girls were there as Brandi poured the white wine into glasses and handed them out.

“Alright, here’s a toast, to all ten Sigma’s under the same roof!”

They all raised their glasses, drank, and began talking about her holidays. Faith, having spent her Christmas break in England, had the most to say.

“So now you’ve got a new guy, we gonna be seeing him around every morning?” Nikki gave the buxom Faith a wink.

“Well, we haven’t… he wants it to be special. We don’t want to rush into anything, so we haven’t slept together yet, and may not for a while still.”

“Aww that’s sweet,” Raven swooned.

“That’s lame,” Brandi scoffed.

“Just cause you don’t need an ounce of romance Brandi, doesn’t mean other girls don’t,” Raven rebuked her.

Brandi laughed. “Romance is overrated. See, Nikki had it right before when she and Colin were just fucking. But then you had to go ruin it by agreeing to date him.”

“He was too sweet! I couldn’t say no,” Nikki defended herself, thinking back to the party before Christmas where he declared his feeling for her in front of everyone.

The girls continued to giggle and argue over boyfriends a little longer until the wine was gone and they dispersed over the house. As Brandi was putting the empty bottle away, the tall, leggy Kate approached her.

“Hey Brandi, listen. I need a favor.”

“Name it,” the petite Brandi replied.

“I, well, I’ve been using that dildo you gave me lots over the break. And fuck, I realized I really need to get laid.”

“So what do you need me for? You’re amazingly hot Kate, just go find some guy.”

“I don’t wanna have to go and spend the effort to let someone try to pick me up and all that bullshit,” Kate complained, sounding once again like her bitchy, annoyed self, “I just want some guy to come, fuck me, then leave.”

“I totally understand,” said the most notorious slut on campus, “Don’t worry, I’ll call up a guy for you.”

“Thanks Bran,” Kate said as she walked off.

* * *

That evening Dawson and Anne went to the Young Leaf to scope out the guys back from break. With two hot first years, the quirky blonde Anne and the sweet brunette Dawson, it didn’t take long for them to attract guys over to their table. Dawson was wearing a very low cut blue tank top with tight jeans, while Anne was wearing a white undershirt which was easily seen from beneath her tiny, tight yellow shirt, increasing the affect of guys coming to them like bugs to a light.

“Can we buy you girls a drink?” asked the first two guys to arrive, one a handsome redhead, the other shorter with curly brown hair.

“Sure,” Dawson flashed him a flirty smile, “I’ll have a screwdriver.”

“Vodka and 7up,” Anne said, trying not to look as uncomfortable maltepe escort as she felt.

The boys bought them their drinks and they chatted for a while about nothing in particular. Dawson was making it very clear what she wanted. She loved flirting so openly like this. She felt so free without a boyfriend to hold her back.

After a couple more drinks. The guys finally got up their nerve to ask them back to their place.

“Actually, why don’t you come back to our place?” Dawson turned the question around, “Anne and me both just moved into our sorority house, so we have our own rooms now and everything.”

“Ah, I get it,” the redhead gave her a sly smile, “Breaking in the new place.”

“Something like that,” she winked back.

So Dawson and Anne took their two new friends back to the Sigma House, sneaking them up the stairs. None of the other girls saw as they were already in their own rooms for the night. Anne just went along with it even though she wasn’t sure she wanted to have sex with this guy. But if she stopped now, she would be just a tease.

Dawson brought the redhead into her room, sitting him down on the bed and kneeling over him to make out with him.

She broke away for a moment, lifting his shirt up over his head. Then she crossed her arms down to grab the bottom of her tank top, removing it as well. They returned to their lip-locking as he fumbled with her black bra strap.

Once he got her bra off she laid him down on his back, crouching over him like a cat. She moved down to unbuckle his pants, pulling them off and taking his disappointingly small dick in her mouth. She didn’t suck very long, just until he was good and hard.

“Do you have a condom?” she asked.

“Y-yeah, in my pants.”

She got off the bed, went over to his blue jeans lying on the floor, and got the condom out from the pocket. She slipped it onto his dick and then lowered herself down on top of it. Her pussy had been wet for some time already, so it didn’t need much help sliding over his stiff cock.

She started riding him slowly, getting the feel for his countermoves (of which he didn’t really have any). She placed her hands flat on his stomach and began gyrating a little faster, feeling the tip of his little cock against the wall of her vagina. It felt so good she had to go faster, then a little faster, then a little faster. She moaned each time she felt the cock rub against her with each thrust.

Dawson was fucking him hard now, her brown hair swaying with her head, her big boobs bouncing up and down. She started calling out “Oh yes! Oh yes!” She could feel herself reaching climax.

“I’m going to cum!” he told her.

“No! Wait!” she yelled, but he began grunting and she could feel his dick pulse inside her. But Dawson didn’t stop. She kept riding his cock, faster and harder, determined to reach the end before he limped up. And just when she thought it might be a futile effort, it hit her. The orgasm rushed through her as she gasped her mouth wide open and had a long, silent scream of pleasure.

Dawson lifted up away from him and collapsed on the bed, her curvy, soft body dripping with sweat.

* * *

Meanwhile, Anne led her man up to her bedroom on the third floor. As she closed the door she looked back at him with eyes like a puppy dog, leaning shyly on the doorknob.

“Listen, I know that this is going to make me sound like a tease, but I don’t really want to have sex.”

“I, uh, okay…,” the guy stammered, trying not to be a jerk about it, “Then what do you want to do?”

Anne decided to tell him, even though she knew she would sound selfish. “Alright, I’ll be honest. I recently had a bad experience with a guy, and I’m still trying to build myself up to having sex. And I will have sex with you, if you don’t mind doing something for me first.”

“What’s that?”

“Eat me out. Three times. The third night you do, I will have sex with you,” she offered.

“So I have to wait for three more dates?” he sounded skeptical.

“I’ll even… well… I’ll let you do me, um, in the ass.”

That seemed to win him over. He laid her down on the bed and removed her pants, revealing her trimmed, blonde hair above her pussy. He knelt down at the end of the bed and dug his face in. He was clumsy and a little inexperienced, but Anne didn’t mind. She just laid back and enjoyed it.

* * *

Kate was already in bed wearing a silky blue nightie, reading her magazine, when she heard the knock on her door. Kate got out of bed, strutting with her long legs over to the door. She let in Brandi who had a tall, well-built black haired senior with her.

“Kate, this is Greg,” Brandi introduced, “I’ll leave you two alone.”

As Brandi closed the door Greg turned to Kate and said, “Good to met you, I-“

But that was as far as he got, as Kate had tackled him up against the door, trapping him with her body, her left leg rising up against his right.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she said in a low, raspy kartal escort voice, her face an inch away from his own.

She dragged him to her bed and pushed him over onto it. Then she ripped her nightie off and tossed it to they side. She strode up to him completely in the buff, her long, slender form swinging back and forth with each step.

Greg scrambled to get his clothes off. Her aggressiveness had already made him hard. Kate climbed up over his pelvis and said, “Now just let me use you.”

She lowered her pussy over his large cock, letting it slide all they way inside her. She fucked him by swinging her hips back and forth against his dick, leaning back and grabbing her thighs as she did.

Kate closed her eyes the entire time, thinking only of herself as she used this guy’s dick to hit her pleasure spots, grinding and moving in whatever way felt best to her. Her breathing was hard and fast, and before she knew it she came.

“Oh yes, YES!” she cried, but she didn’t stoop. She rammed him even faster now, grinding away.

“I want to cum again, again!”

“Okay, okay!” he said from underneath her, enjoying every moment of his objectification.

Kate let her arms out, waving them at her sides and she bounced against his stiff rod, ready for another orgasm, and maybe a third after that. Leaned her head back and smiled, letting herself go to the pleasure.

* * *

As Dawson, Anne and Kate were all busy with their random guys in their rooms, Lana snuck out of hers in the middle of the night. She tiptoed down the hallway and let herself into Alison’s room.

Lana gently slipped under the covers next to her secret girlfriend and wrapped her arms around her. Alison woke sleepily but with a smile on her face, snuggling closer to the soft, buxom Lana.

* * *

The sounds of the hallways at Jameson University were soon back to normal. As classes were dismissed, students poured out into the halls, buzzing with talk about their Christmas holidays and their new set of classes.

Dawson and Alison walked down the halls together wearing their Sigma Delta sweaters and matching tartan skirts. It was a tradition that the sororities and fraternities wore their specific uniforms on the first day back to classes.

Dawson and Alison talked about Dawson’s night the night before and gossiped about the other girls.

“So he left this morning?” Alison inquired.

“Yeah,” Dawson said, “It’s weird. It feels like I’m a real sorority girl somehow.”

“Was Anne’s guy hot?” Alison asked.

“He was okay. But did you hear them?? Wow.”

“Oh that wasn’t them,” Alison gossiped, “Kate had some guy over too apparently.”

“Hey Dawson!” they both heard suddenly as they turned a corner into the science hall.

As they looked Dawson saw her rival Jordan along with her best friend Tawnee. They were both wearing their green and silver Lambda Kappa sweaters, though Tawnee filled hers out much better than the tiny Jordan.

“What is it Jordan?” Dawson said lazily as she rolled her eyes.

“What was the deal with you and Eric last night? Karen said she saw you leave the Young Leaf with him last night,” Jordan said accusingly.


“So I was going for Eric! You went home with my man!”

“Well, sorry Jordan, I had no idea,” Dawson shrugged, “But if he’s yours then why was he in my bed last night?”

That angered Jordan. “You fucking bitch. Katie may have called a truce between our two houses, but this might be enough for her to break it.”

“We’re really not scared of you guys Jordan,” Alison said in defense of her friend as they walked away, giggling once their backs were turned to their would-be pledge sister.

* * *

Outside on the school grounds, Kate, Nikki, and Raven were walking to class together, dressed in their sorority outfits with their backpacks on their backs, their sexy legs moving from under their plaid skirts.

Kate was in a good mood this morning after her random sex the night before and therefore was even cockier and more arrogant than usual. That was why when she bumped into another girl on their way across the yard, she couldn’t help but turn around and deride her.

“Watch it you gothy freak!” she exclaimed to the skinny goth girl who was passing the three of them.

The girl who Kate ran into was Liz, a very skinny goth girl with long, straight black hair which was streaked with red, pale white skin, black eye shadow, and loose black clothing covering her tiny form.

“Shut up Kate,” she mumbled.

“What’s that Liz?” Kate stood with her hand on her hip, “You’re telling ME to shut up?”

“Kate, leave her alone,” Raven tried to pull her back around.

“Why Raven? What do you care about this vampire-wannabe bitch?”

Liz however showed no fear in front of the bitchy Kate. She walked back and stared her straight in the eyes. “Listen you little cheerleading whore, I didn’t do anything to you. So just cause you’re intimidated by us “goths” who actually have personalities, doesn’t mean you have to snap at me whenever you see me.”

“Keep walking freak,” Kate swung her brown hair back around her shoulders as she turned and marched off with the girls. Raven looked back and gave an apologetic shrug to Liz.

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