The Concert Ch. 02

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Mom and I stood near the front of the stage. I was as close to the stage as one could get barring the security gate maintaining the three-foot span from stage to audience. Mom seemed to be having a good time, and said it is as close as she has ever been to the stage.

After about a half an hour, the lights went out and the stage lights went on. The momentum of the crowd forced us closer to the security barrier. The crowd thrust me against the back of my mom, who then grabbed my arms and wrapped them around her waist.

Mom looked up at me, as I stood a head taller. I could look down her shirt at her massive globes from my point of view, and I did just that. I arrived at the point where I was not trying to conceal my gawking any longer. Mom returned my gaze, gave me a smile, and provided a deep kiss that seem to last five minutes. My enormous erection had returned, and pressed against her lower back. I took to calling mom by her first name, Veronica, as it seemed the natural thing to do since we were no longer mom and son. At least we were not on this night.

The band came out and ripped through an exciting set. Suddenly the band that I anxiously awaited were playing second act to the unusual affection my mom was now giving. To be in the presence of one of my favorite band, while having this sexually tense relationship with my mom made the whole situation surreal.

During one set from the band, several girls around us began flashing their tits at the stage. It seemed that one girl tried to trump the other as the shirts began to rise. In the heat of the moment, my mom decides that she needed to show her assets off as well. As she raised her shirt, and her two wonderful, bouncy tits sprang from underneath her shirt. They hung there perfectly round and huge in all of their glory. My canlı bahis mind and my eyes were no longer connected. I reached up from her waist and cupped the two soft breasts with my hands. I have never felt such magnificent wonders in all of my life.

My mom put down her shirt as quickly as she raised it. She did not seem to flinch as I caressed her tits in those few seconds. After she readjusted her bra and shirt, she turned around and faced me, slow dancing to a ballad the band was playing. She planted a deep kiss on my mouth and slowly massaged my cock through my jeans.

“I’m impressed,” she said as she patted my cock and turned to face the stage.

It felt like I was really on a date, and my mom seemed as horny as hell. It did not occur to me until sometime after the show that I dry fucked my mom in front of thousands of people, however absurd, the thought just added more eroticism to the already taboo relationship.

When the concert ended, we walked out of the venue holding hands. Stopping only to purchase an overpriced t-shirt, we continued to the Charger. Just the thought of those magnificent breasts was pushing me over the edge.

We headed out of the parking lot and through the city with heads turned at every stop light checking out our classic ride. Continuing out of the city towards home, my mom decided that her bra was irritating her. She lifted her shirt once again, revealing a nice black bra, which she unclasped and revealed those sumptuous breasts once again. This time she left her shirt up, and I did the best I could not to swerve off the road as I watched her tits dance with every imperfection I hit in the road.

Her areolas were the perfect tone and size, and her nipples looked large pencil erasers. Nipples you could suck for hours.

“Now, you just drive, bahis siteleri and keep this thing on the road,” mom said as she reached over and began undoing my pants.

I white-knuckled the steering wheel when I realized she was going for my cock, and did all that I could do to keep from driving into the culvert alongside the road as I looked at her bouncing tits. I could not believe my mom was going to play with my cock as I drove us home.

“Holy fuck!” my mom said as she unleashed my large and thick cock. “You didn’t get that from your dad.”

The expression on her face told me she was not just complimenting me. That just boosted my confidence all the more.

She then grabbed the base of my cock and swallowed my penis, licking and sucking it as she stroked it into her mouth. I reached over her back as her mouth was inhaling my cock and played with her big soft tit.

A few minutes after pulling into the driveway, my mom stroked, sucked, and swallowed the largest amount of cum I had ever produced. My dick twitched as she milked the last drops from it.

“Veronica, I didn’t know you put out on the first date,” I said jokingly.

“Follow me in and you will learn a lot more about me,” she replied, as she pulled her shirt down over her luscious tits.

I followed her into the house, not bothering to put the Charger in the garage. I followed her to the sofa in the living room, where she playfully pushed me down with a look of complete lust on her face.

Sitting on the sofa, looking up at my mom, she removed her shirt all the way. I kept my eyes affixed to her tits, as she took off her shorts and panties, revealing her thick and well-trimmed bush. I sat on the sofa looking at my fully naked mom staring down at me. The aroma of her pussy wafted over to me making bahis şirketleri me hard as a rock, which was impressive considering she had just drained my balls a few minutes earlier.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she said while caressing her tits.

Without saying a word, I stood up and removed my clothes. As my cock popped out of my pants, my mom made an approving moan and grabbed it, right before I pushed her on the sofa and placed her on all fours.

I looked at her thick ass and reveled at the sight of two fat pussy lips glistening in the low light of the living room, as I slowly slid my huge cock in her pussy. It was warm and felt like silk.

All off a sudden it felt like a water balloon filled with warm water erupted all over my cock. The warm liquid drenched my cock and balls as my mom made a satisfying scream. Luckily, our neighbors were miles away.

I reached up, grabbed her ponytail, and jackhammered her warm soft box as if it would be my only opportunity to do so. Within a matter of minutes, she let out another satisfying scream and collapsed. I continued to pound her from behind, looking at the mirror across the room as I watched her tits swaying with every thrust I gave.

Mom then rolled over on her back and opened her legs as she took both hands and started squeezing her wonderful mounds. Her nipples were as erect as my cock.

“Cum in mommy’s pussy. Fuck me hard,” she said, as I took my fat cock and slid it in her waterfall.

I pumped her, and played with her tits as she grabbed me close and began kissing me while playing with my nipples. Suddenly, I white washed her pussy with what seemed like a gallon of cum. She screamed as my hot load filled her up. Her body quivered as I pulled my spent cock from the best pussy on earth. I watched cum ooze from her pussy as I helped her to her feet.

“How was that for a first date,” she asked.

“”There will be more?” I questioned.

“Many more,” she replied. She took my hand and led me upstairs.

THE END (???)

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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